Futures / OTC

OTC Commodity Derivative

Commodity futures can be used as a hedging instrument for proactive risk management and also be an alternative investment. With our vast experience and knowledge of the commodities market, UOB Bullion and Futures is able to cater to various commodity investment needs. As an established inter-dealer broker, we provide a wide range of broking and execution services across a variety of commodity markets:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Agricultural products
  • Commodities
  • Energy, and
  • Freight
Exchange-Traded Futures and Options

With smaller and more affordable trade sizes, investors are able to tap into the opportunities present in the rapidly evolving global futures markets at a low cost. At UOBBF, we provide dedicated round-the-clock execution service and low latency connectivity to all major exchanges.

By connecting you to the exchanges, we provide you with access to a whole range of products available on each of them. Find out more about the products available on the websites below:

Exchange Website
ASX - Australian Securities Exchange www.asx.com.au
CME Group – CME Group www.cmegroup.com
DGCX - Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange www.dgcx.ae
DME - Dubai Mercantile Exchange www.dubaimerc.com
Eurex Group - Eurex Exchange www.eurexchange.com
HKEx – Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited www.hkex.com.hk
ICE Futures Europe - Intercontinental Exchange Inc www.theice.com
ICE Futures Singapore - Intercontinental Exchange Inc www.theice.com
ICE Futures U.S. - Intercontinental Exchange Inc www.theice.com
JPX - Japan Exchange Group www.ose.or.jp
KRX – Korea Exchange http://eng.krx.co.kr
LME - London Metal Exchange www.lme.com
Bursa Malaysia www.bursamalaysia.com
Nasdaq OMX www.nasdaqomx.com
SGX - Singapore Exchange Limited www.sgx.com
TAIFEX - Taiwan Futures Exchange www.taifex.com.tw
TFEX - Thailand Futures Exchange www.tfex.co.th
TFX - Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc www.tfx.co.jp
TOCOM - Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc www.tocom.or.jp

The above exchanges can be accessed through suitable trading platforms. Find out more about these platforms here.

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