Securities Trading

UOB Bullion and Futures provides a full suite of trading solutions to our clients and we have been approved by MAS to deal in securities* since September 2012. We currently facilitate trading on SGX, HKEx and ASX (as of May 2014). The list of enabled exchanges continues to expand, so please contact us to find out the latest list of exchanges enabled.

Through our connection to the exchanges, you gain access to a whole range of products available on each of them. Find out more about the products available on the websites below:

Exchange Website
ASX - Australian Securities Exchange
HKEx – Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited
JPX - Japan Exchange Group
SGX - Singapore Exchange Limited

The above exchanges can be accessed through suitable trading platforms. Find out more about these platforms here.
*Dealing in securities is restricted only to Accredited Investors, Institutional Investors and Expert Investors.

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